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10 types of people that will lead you and your company to success

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Tom Kelly, founder of design company IDEO, in his book “10 Business Heroes Who Lead a Company to Success,” outlined the roles that will enable you and your employees to walk the path of continuous self-education and innovation. Briefly about each type:


People of this type are generalists. They can operate with various tools and methods, and with their help they come up with new ideas. Anthropologists are often ready to plunge into a jungle in which no one would ever dare to climb in pursuit of an answer to an important question.


This is a classic innovator. These people have a habit of working long and hard, and relying on their intuition to make decisions and find ideas. Experimenters strive for inspiration, but they never shy away from hard work.


People of this type can create something new and superior to existing analogues, unexpectedly combining unrelated ideas and concepts. These people have a natural curiosity and openness of views.


These people are real essentialists (read more about this concept in the book Essentialism by Greg McKeon). They are able to achieve more with little money. They bring change by aiming at what no one has done before. These people are well aware that it is not always necessary to solve a problem straightforwardly, sometimes you need to look at events from other angles and then everything will fall into place.


Everyone knows them. These are those who are able to unite people in order to solve the task facing the collective. The main goal of the collectivist is to make everyone work together and use their time as productively as possible to complete the tasks.


This type is very powerful in planning and organizing processes. He watches over each member of the team and helps in unleashing their potential. Brings things to the end and improves ongoing projects.

Experience Architect

These people are excellent professionals in creating an outstanding customer experience. Experience architects look for the unusual wherever they are.


These people are talented in that they are capable, like good screenwriters in films, to calculate everything to the smallest detail. It is important for them to forge connections and bring intentions to the end.


These people exude confidence and concern. They are ready to help, answer questions, listen, help cope with stress and anxiety. Their mere presence instills calmness and thoughts that everything will be fine.

The narrator

These people are masters of words and speech, real speakers. They capture the attention of mesmerized listeners, unite the team, inspire and, most importantly, make heroes out of other people.

Find your type and find the right people. Grow every day and be successful.

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