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3 Tips for Getting Into the Pharmaceutical Sector

The pharmaceutical sector is the hub for many career paths. However you decide to forge this career, there is the initial challenge of securing a position in the industry. The following post has three top tips for getting into the pharma sector.

Get Qualified in Pharmaceuticals

It is a fairly standard practice expectation that any rep working in the line of pharmaceuticals will be qualified to at least a diploma level. But what is stopping you from taking this further? Building a skill base and knowledge bank is never a bad thing when it comes to thinking about moving forward in a line of work. This list of courses run by CfPIE is a comprehensive offering of available further study.

Attend Networking Events

Networking in your chosen field of work has many advantages aside from being a great way to find a job. Not only are you allowed the opportunity to meet new, key figures in the industry, but you are also creating established connections that will open future doors and enable you to learn new experiences. There are several ways to find local and further afield networking events.

Social Media

Social media sites are extremely useful for getting information about networking events. Dates, times, key speakers, and attendees are all clearly listed on the event specific page and you can request an invitation or just join as an open participant. There are even online seminars and network chains that run through live sessions on various media channels that can be followed and discussed in real time, just like an in person meeting. Simply follow key pages and stay up to date with posted content to ensure nothing important is ever missed.

Internet Searches

Similarly, information can be found through a straightforward search on the web. It is rare to find a major, significant networking event in the industry that has no online presence so, the results should yield enough to get on with.

Use a Recruiter

Recruiters are there to enable you into the role of your choosing. Where there is an opportunity, they will have access to it and help you apply. They can put you forward as a candidate for roles that crop up and, turn you in the right direction towards viable opportunities. This saves time in the actual hunt for a job which means there is more opportunity to focus on the application and interview aspects of the process.

Be Realistic

This is a competitive industry, so staying realistic is important. Job prospects may not be immediate, and the salary expectations may not line up with what’s on offer. However, there is much to be gained from experience and once you have secured a position it is far easier to move up through the ranks. Just don’t make too many compromises!

It is, without a doubt, a very rewarding career with lots of space to move up and grow as you go along the journey. So, don’t let there be any roadblocks when it comes to securing a job!