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Magnet fishing magnets big catch

Jan Duurt Dijkman became known in 2020 because he fished up several explosives with magnet fishing magnets from ponds and canals in and around the city of Groningen. On Sunday, he was looking for old metal objects with magnetic fishermen friends, when one of them found a woman’s body under a bridge.

Helping the police

The gentlemen were shocked: “She was only about 1.65 and we thought she was about sixteen years old.” They decided not to pull the body up themselves, but to call the police. In the meantime, they made sure with their equipment that the body stayed in the same place, despite the strong current.

The police arrived after about fifteen minutes and called in a diving team. The divers could then make good use of the help from Dijkman and his friends: “They were only two men and asked if we would help with the recovery because the current was so strong.”

‘I turned around’

The officers secured themselves and went into the water. On top of the bridge, Jan and his friends held the body in place. In the meantime, the other officers sent all the curious people away so that work could be done discreetly. Dijkman: ,,They pulled the body under the bridge, where they lifted it onto a stretcher out of sight of the bystanders who had been sent away and carried it away.

When the police pulled the body out of the water, Dijkman turned his face and walked away. ,,I didn’t want to see her come out of the water. It was really all very intense. I can’t describe it. You don’t want to experience this and I can imagine how those officers feel, for their professionalism I have deep appreciation.”

Not working today

After all the commotion and misery Dijkman left for his girlfriend, who lives nearby in the Achterhoek. I couldn’t sleep right away, so I first had a few stiff drinks. By now I am feeling better, although I am still quite upset. That is why I did not work today, I still had to recover a bit from everything.”

Meanwhile, the police have been able to identify the woman’s body. It is a woman in her late thirties who lived in the neighborhood. According to the police, a crime has been ruled out.