10 types of people that will lead you and your company to success

principles of marketing 17th edition

Tom Kelly, founder of design company IDEO, in his book “10 Business Heroes Who Lead a Company to Success,” outlined the roles that will enable you and your employees to walk the path of continuous self-education and innovation. Briefly about each type:


People of this type are generalists. They can operate with various tools and methods, and with their help they come up with new ideas. Anthropologists are often ready to plunge into a jungle in which no one would ever dare to climb in pursuit of an answer to an important question.


This is a classic innovator. These people have a habit of working long and hard, and relying on their intuition to make decisions and find ideas. Experimenters strive for inspiration, but they never shy away from hard work.


People of this type can create something new and superior to existing analogues, unexpectedly combining unrelated ideas and concepts. These people have a natural curiosity and openness of views.


These people are real essentialists (read more about this concept in the book Essentialism by Greg McKeon). They are able to achieve more with little money. They bring change by aiming at what no one has done before. These people are well aware that it is not always necessary to solve a problem straightforwardly, sometimes you need to look at events from other angles and then everything will fall into place.


Everyone knows them. These are those who are able to unite people in order to solve the task facing the collective. The main goal of the collectivist is to make everyone work together and use their time as productively as possible to complete the tasks.


This type is very powerful in planning and organizing processes. He watches over each member of the team and helps in unleashing their potential. Brings things to the end and improves ongoing projects.

Experience Architect

These people are excellent professionals in creating an outstanding customer experience. Experience architects look for the unusual wherever they are.


These people are talented in that they are capable, like good screenwriters in films, to calculate everything to the smallest detail. It is important for them to forge connections and bring intentions to the end.


These people exude confidence and concern. They are ready to help, answer questions, listen, help cope with stress and anxiety. Their mere presence instills calmness and thoughts that everything will be fine.

The narrator

These people are masters of words and speech, real speakers. They capture the attention of mesmerized listeners, unite the team, inspire and, most importantly, make heroes out of other people.

Find your type and find the right people. Grow every day and be successful.

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Reasons to use 4-stroke motor oil for your vehicle engine

A 4-stroke motor oil is very important when you want the best lubrication for your engine. Regularly replacing and refreshing your motor oil leads to a smoother clutch and gearbox operation. The result is an overall more pleasant experience while driving your vehicle. In addition, it is also rather important for the protection and performance of your engine. Using the right 4-stroke motor oil means you have the possibility to use your vehicle longer and more intense as compared to when you use less qualitative motor oils. In other words, buying the right 4-stroke motor oil increases the performance, power, durability, and reliability of your vehicle.

Where to find the best lubrication for your vehicle

VROOAM is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality oils, such as the 4-stroke motor oil. Their highly-skilled Dutch engineers implement the latest technology in additives to their products, so you are ensured of excellent engine lubrication and protection. Their wide range of specially developed oils for various applications and vehicle types really show their channeled passion for the marine industry and powersports. You will only find the best lubrication for your vehicle here. The 4-stroke motor oil is developed in-house by the expert engineers of VROOAM. It will exceed every riders’ expectation by boosting the performance of the vehicle. Are you ready for more power? Buy a 4-stroke motor oil from VROOAM and experience the difference yourself.

Request more information about the extensive range of lubricants

If you want to receive more information about different kinds of 4-stroke motor oil from the range at VROOAM, make sure to contact these experts. They are more than happy to provide you with personal advice and answer all your questions regarding a 4-stroke motor oil or other vehicle lubricants. Check their contact information on the website. You can reach them by calling, sending an email, or filling out the contact form on their page.


Work far more efficiently with a belt dryer

In a variety of production facilities, you need to dry your products before packaging and transporting them. To make sure this happens in an efficient and fast way, you might want to consider implementing a belt dryer. This innovative system can be provided by the excellent people at Dutch Dryers BV. They have many years of experience in drying systems and are ready to help you with an excellent service. Make an appointment with their employees and they will advise you on the better options they have on offer. They have a clientele that is spread across Europe, from the Netherlands to Serbia.

How does it work?

How does a belt dryer work? It functions on the basis of a few technological systems. A flow of hot air, around 50 °C is blasted onto your goods. This means that matter with a high moisture level can be dried rather fast. By putting your goods on a conveyor belt and letting them be put through the belt dryer, you can count on an automatic system. This will save up on labour force and will make your production process occur a lot more efficiently.  Dutch Dryers BV are happy to help you with installing and manufacturing a system that fits your every need.

Discover the various options

The possibilities are endless with a belt dryer by Dutch Dryers BV. Wait no longer and contact the experienced employees to start implementing this innovative system onto your factory floor. The people at Dutch Dryers BV will advise you on the best possible options and point you in the right direction. Making a tailored solution will provide the optimal working conditions and give your company the boost it needs. Update your drying capacity by contacting this excellent company and profit from the excellent service they provide.


Jobs in Illinois


Osf healthcare/medical group california / maryland / minnesota


What are you looking for?

Great base salary? work/life balance? proximity to a big city? we have the total package. . .

Job specifics osf st. Joseph medical center is building a gastroenterology group for the future to meet our patient and referring physician demands. An additional gastroenterologist will continue to build this practice with the ondersteuning of three gastroenterologists, two advanced practice providers, and a referral base of over 70 primary care physicians in the bloomington and pontiac area. Call schedule 1:4 osf healthcare st. Joseph medical center, is a magnet designated hospital located in bloomington-normal, illinois, a 149-bed, not-for-profit, level ii verwonding center. Eeo employer m/f/vet/disabled the benefits competitive base salary plus incentives. 4 weeks paid vacation and 6 paid holidays 480 hours sick time/year signing verzekeringspremie loan repayment options paid occurrence based malpractice, cme, association membership dues health, life, and dental insurance, retirement plan, and paid relocation the community known as the “ twin cities ” of central illinois, bloomington-normal is the perfect context for those seeking an urban lifestyle in a country setting. Centrally located between chicago, st. Louis and indianapolis, the twin cities sit on the crossroads of the largest interstates in illinois : i-74, i-55 and i-39. As the corporate home of both state farm insurance and country financial, the residents of bloomington-normal also enjoy a diverse and robust economy. Illinois state university and illinois wesleyan university are located here as are numerous local community and technical schools. Contact information

Please aansluiting or send cv to : jennifer babb, osf healthcare physician recruitment


Assemble different packages with a seal machine

When you need a high-quality seal machine for your company, you look for a variety of characteristics. First, the seal machine must be constructed from good, solid materials to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition, it is rather convenient when you have the possibility to seal different package formats with the same machine. Depending on your requirements it is even an option to include elements such as logging, checking and printing into the systems.

Always a tailor-made solution for you

GTE-engineering is the best partner when you are looking for high-quality seal machines. This company offers a tailor-made solution to apply a seal machine to your production process in a perfect way. Moreover, this company provides assembly and packaging solutions. This way, you have a complete range of machinery available that fully meets your requirements in every specific production process.

Customized solutions for your implementation

If you need a seal machine of the best possible quality, then GTE-engineering is the perfect partner for you to outsource the engineering of a machine. In the extensive range of assembly and packaging solutions you will find the seal machine of your liking and all its available elements. When the occasion arises that your implementation needs cannot be met with the current machines, then your seal machine will be customized especially for you.

Discover the projects of this company online

Besides the purchase of seal machines, you can consult GTE-engineering for several other services. For instance, have a look at the punch and seal machine or the sealing machine with an automatic drawer. This company even has experience with an automatic form-fill-seal-machine and a linear-fill-seal-machine. These are just some of the projects this company has successfully completed. To discover what GTE-engineering can mean for you and your company, just get in touch with the professionals.


Buy a stud bolt in the right size online

Are you looking to buy a stud bolt for your project but you do not  know where yet? No problem, there are a lot of places where you can buy these bad boys. One of the more trusted companies to place your order is HBS Solutions B.V., a specialist when it comes to engineering and manufacturing companies. This professional is a project-based organization which is  ISO9001:2015 certified. Whatever the purpose is for you stud bolts, you will find the right kind at this company. Browse to your options in the online shop and place your order.

All the products you need in one store

Besides stud bolts, you can buy several other products at this company. Their product range can be divided into five segments. The first one is ASTM/ASME Fasteners, the category in which stud bolts can be find. Then you have Hexagon Plugs and Gasket Seals, such as gasket seals. The third category contains DIN/ISO Fasteners: such as hexagon bolts. Another category consists of TAKECOAT 1000 Fasteners. Here you will find ASTM/ASME fasteners with a special coating, resistant against extreme servicing conditions. Last but not least, you can buy stud bolt caps, for the protection of stud bolts and nuts for offshore purposes.

Place your order online and receive it shortly

When you have found the right stud bolts and other products in the webshop, you can easily place your order online. Do you have a question about one of the products? Or do you want to receive some more information? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the professionals. They are more than happy to assist you while answering all of your questions. This way, you are sure that you will buy the right stud bolts. Go to the website to get all the contact information you need.




Can Tamanu oil help against psoriasis?

Some people use Tamanu oil to help treat various skin conditions, including psoriasis. This essential oil can actually reduce the inflammation caused by the chronic disease.

Tamanu oil is extracted from the nuts of the Calophyllum inophyllum tree, native to French Polynesia and Southeast Asia. In traditional medicine, people have used extracts from this tree to treat skin disorders and promote wound healing. Thus, many believe that Tamanu oil offers benefits to the skin. In fact, this natural ingredient is used in a wide range of cosmetic skin care products.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. There is no cure, but treatments can reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms. No scientific studies have examined the effects of Tamanu oil on psoriasis symptoms. However, there is evidence that extracts of Calophyllum inophyllum have anti-inflammatory properties. The results of a 2017 study suggest that a compound called calophyllolide is present in this Polynesian essential oil. The anti-inflammatory and healing effects of this compound are established. Also, a 2012 study also showed that extracts from the leaves of Calophyllum inophyllum were able to relieve inflammation in certain cells. Interesting results, but research remains on a small scale. Larger-scale experiments are needed to scientifically validate the therapeutic virtues of Tamanu oil.

How can Tamanu oil be used for psoriasis?

Due to the lack of scientific data in the field, no guidelines on how to use tamanu oil for psoriasis are available. As with most essential oils, Calophyllum inophyllum oil should be mixed with a diluent – such as olive oil – before direct application to the skin. Many over-the-counter skin creams contain Tamanu oil. These products can be used according to the instructions on the packaging. Please note that if a cream or oil irritates a person’s skin, the person should avoid using the product.

Insufficient research means that information on the safety of Tamanu oil for people with psoriasis is limited. Competent authorities often report that herbal remedies can cause harmful side effects. These can interact with other medicines. The use of herbal remedies is not recommended for people in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy
  • During breastfeeding
  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure

Furthermore, herbal remedies are not suitable for infants and children. In some people, Tamanu oil can irritate the skin. Anyone who finds that the application of this essential oil aggravates or spreads inflammation should avoid using the remedy.

Other Uses of Tamanu Oil

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that cannot be eradicated. However, patients can usually manage their symptoms and prevent the disease from affecting their quality of life. Calophyllum inophyllum oil may relieve the symptoms of the condition in some people – likely due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

However, Tamanu oil contains different types of fatty acids as well as antibacterial compounds that may help with skin care. These compounds have led to its use in several skin cosmetics, including creams for :

  • Skin regeneration
  • After-sun protection
  • To soothe irritation
  • Anti-ageing

As you do not develop any allergies to nuts, the use of Tamanu oil is recommended. In addition to skin care, this natural ingredient is also used for hair care.

Reference : https://www.tamanu.fr

An LM 2500 gas turbine from an expert in the field

If you are working in a power generation plant or in the commercial marine or offshore industry, you could use a LM 2500 gas turbine for your enterprise. At Mechanical Field Support B.V., they can help you in providing your production line with excellent equipment. This company was started by highly skilled gas turbine supervisors who had gained years of experience. Since their start in 2001, the company has expanded to all corners of the world, providing expertise to a multitude of industries. They like to cooperate with their customers and partners on a close communicative line, trying to achieve the maximum productivity possible. This could be achieved through one of their excellent LM 2500 gas turbines.


Count on knowledge and skills

Mechanical Field Support B.V. has a core mission, which is to improve the profits of your enterprise, to reduce downtime of technical facilities, and to supply you with quality equipment and spare parts. They have proven the effectiveness of their work with multiple certificates, ensuring their customers a quality service. In the case of an LM 2500 gas turbine, they offer two types of machinery. You could think of the 33,600 shp type or the LM 2500+ that delivers 40,500. Are you not sure which type is right for your facilities? Then feel free to ask for advice from the many experts at this company.


Nothing less than the best machinery

Of course next to the LM 2500, you can acquire the various other types of LM at Mechanical Field Support B.V., such as the 1600 or 5000 series. The LM series are absolutely recommended, considering they are high-quality pieces of machinery that come at great prices. The high efficiency of the apparatus combined with the low chance of downtime make these types an excellent choice. Look no further and count on the excellent services and products from Mechanical Field Support B.V.


Wireless temperature sensors for Healthcare logistics

Sometimes the most valuable cargoes in temperature-controlled logistics are not those in large containers. A single thermobox can contain life-saving medicine or blood donations. A failure of temperature control is simply unacceptable for such contents. In food transport, the consequences are not so extreme, but food committee is one of the biggest problems in today’s world, although it can be prevented with small simple measures.

A wireless temperature sensor as small as a matchbox can be used for any monitoring of transport temperature – the sensor fits into all thermoboxes and packages. These temperature monitoring sensors are available with manual or automatic start/stop function. In both variants, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud as soon as the transport is complete and the sensors come into contact with a gateway device.

Temperature monitoring becomes easy with wireless sensors sending precise temperature data directly to the cloud. There is no need to go through each sensor unit box by box when all the information is displayed in one place. This saves time and ensures the safety of the transported product.

Are you looking for Wireless temperature sensors for Healthcare logistics and to ensure that all medicines, blood or even organs are transported at the right temperature and that this is constantly monitored. Check out Olivia Wireless for these sensors and always keep up to date with the latest temperature and receive if warning if there are any unforseen changes where you have to take action.

Take action today and ask for more information at Olivia Wireless.


Spending the night at the Zuidas

Are you looking for accommodation in Amsterdam? Then a stay around the Zuidas is ideal. It has a strategic location close to the city centre and close to Schiphol Airport. The Zuidas offers plenty of opportunities to spend the night in this perfectly accessible part of the city. The municipality of Amsterdam has several plans to make the Zuidas even more accessible.

For example, the intention is for Amsterdam Zuid station to grow into a second Central Station. With various connections from the North/South line, high-speed line to Germany and the HSL-South, the Zuidas is easy to reach for many people. The good accessibility and various accommodation options make the Zuidas an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to explore the city in any way. In short, Amsterdam Zuid is perfectly accessible and offers various accommodation options.

Hotel with a view over the Amstel River

Would you like to stay in a hotel in Amsterdam South? Then Van der Valk hotel Amsterdam-Amstel is a good place to stay. With several luxurious rooms and a nice wellness area you can relax. For example, would you like to enjoy a beauty treatment? Then that is possible in the beauty salon ”Day Spa Eve”. When you visit the roof terrace, you will find the heated outdoor swimming pool. Take a refreshing dip or take jobs with stunning views over Amsterdam! For the sporty types, you can use the luxurious fitness equipment in the hotel for free. Finally, the hotel offers yoga sessions during the weekend.

The city has enough sights to divide the day according to your wishes. For example, go to a museum or rent a boat and sail along the Amstel, ‘t IJ or the canals through the city centre. The central location makes it easy to explore the area. From the hotel you can reach the city centre within 15 minutes by metro. At the reception of the hotel you can find enough information about the sights. Are you interested in an overnight stay at Van der Valk Amsterdam? Please contact us via +31 (0)20 80 01 100 or mail to meetingevents @amsterdam .valk.com.