6 Photo Booth Hire Benefits For Your Wedding

OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH SYDNEY –  With so many great Sydney weddings being planned, it’s no wonder that you’re finding photo booth hire in Sydney a convenient and affordable way to experience the best of Sydney. Most of us already have quite a few events coming up that year and we still want to make sure that we get our guests’ memories in mint condition. A photo booth is an excellent way to ensure that this is possible. Many photo booths in Sydney can be hired for small or large weddings. Here are some guidelines on what you should look for when hiring a photo booth.


One: Make sure that the photo booth is a high quality one that has plenty of memory foam. It also needs to be the right size for your wedding photo. If you’re having your photos taken at the back of a bus, for example, you will want a booth that is a little smaller, perhaps just big enough to fit the number of people inside. In order to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see their favorite images, make sure that the photo booth is movable.


Two: If you want a photo booth hire in Sydney for your big wedding, try to book well in advance.


This way you won’t have to stand in line waiting to get your photos taken. You can simply email the photo rental company to let them know where you are and when you’ll be there. They will then be able to pre-book your space. This saves everyone time and makes photo booth hire in Sydney easier on everyone. The more advance you book, the less likely you are to run into problems.


Three: You need to make sure that the printer you are using prints out photo papers in the appropriate format for your photos. Make sure the printer has a decent range of options for printing out your photos. In addition, you will want to make sure the paper is durable and will hold up against the rigors of taking and printing photos. Get a quality printer that you can trust to handle your images.


Four: Take plenty of pictures. It’s really the only way to capture all of the wonderful moments you and your guests have at your wedding. Ask each attendant to take a few pictures with you to document the entire day. At the end of the reception, you’ll have plenty of extra pictures to review and make memories from. Taking time to share those pictures with the people closest to you will help you create the perfect wedding memories.


Five: Have a clear and concise contract.

Your photo booth hire in Sydney agreement should outline exactly what the deal is and what needs to happen during the event. You want to make sure that everyone understands and is comfortable with the rules and process. The last thing you want to do is get pulled into a dispute after the wedding because you overlooked a provision in your agreement. A contract is the most effective way to make sure everything is handled well.


Six: Have fun! One of the best parts of any event is having fun. When people are having a great time, chances are they will want to tell others about it. That’s why a fun photo booth hire in Sydney makes so much sense.


As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a photo booth for your big day. If you’re planning an important event and aren’t sure whether it makes sense to invest in one, consider this. You’ll save money, you’ll have fun, and you’ll have some incredible photographs to share for years to come.

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How to handle keys

We at have gathered some valuable information below about keys and how to handle them:

Secure key storage

A key in the wrong hands can cause great damage. If a key is used in case of burglary, it is usually not covered by the insurance. Keys should therefore be handled as valuables. If you store your keys, we recommend that they are locked in an approved key cabinet.
We offer key cabinets in many sizes and models. There are also fully electronic key cabinets that give you complete control of key entry and extraction.

It’s much cheaper to invest in an approved key cabinet than to change the entire lock system prematurely because a key is stolen from a bureau box.

Better key control with digital key management software

Once you have lost the key control in a locking system, it is difficult to recover. Good safety routines for keying and handing out keys are therefore very profitable, both for economic and security reasons.

There are digital key management programs that facilitate handling. The programs also contain a number of reports and templates for documentation.

There are key management programs for both mechanical and electronic key systems. 

If you lost the key

Lost keys imply a security risk and a cost of the latches required to recover the security.

Lost main key:

A lost key is a serious incident. Should this happen, there are two options for action.

Either we can revert the locking system to you. This means that we recycle each lock cylinder throughout the system and replace the main key with a new one.

However, in an older lock system it does not usually be profitable. Then it is more cost effective to switch to a completely new locking system. You will also have the opportunity to improve and innovate in the lock system.

Locking cylinders with flex function make you unlock locks

There are lock cylinders with so-called flex function, which eliminates expensive lock changes when keys are lost. Instead of new cylinder and new keys, we only replace the keys with new ones. As soon as these are used in the lock cylinder, the old keys no longer work. Such a locking system is both simple and cost effective.

If you want to avoid the main key

Many property owners want to avoid locking systems with main keys to eliminate the risk of a master key being lost or misused. Sometimes, however, property managers or craftsmen must be allowed to perform service jobs. Delivery of keys or timekeeping with tenants can be difficult and time consuming. Then we can instead recommend key cubes or lock cylinders with service mode.

Keyball instead of main key

In multi-family houses, key cheeses are ideal for allowing craftsmen or property managers to access an apartment when the residents are not at home. It is usually mounted in the apartment doors and is a safe way of handing over keys.

Lock cylinders with service mode instead of main key

In some locking products there are cylinders with service mode. It is a reversible cylinder that gives property managers or craftsmen temporary access to an apartment. This is how it works:

Prior to a planned service visit, the resident locks his apartment door as usual, but removes the key from the lock in the oblique position, “10 o’clock”. Then the cylinder is switched to service mode.

Electronic keys

More and more today ask for electronic solutions to avoid mechanical keys. The vulnerability of keys is lost, as electronic keys can be locked. It is also easier to control access and flexibility if you want to make changes in the future.

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