Kakkerlakken written by: Bastian Schweinsteiger Are there any risks to health?
Kakkerlakken and muizen in huis can spread via urine and faeces pathogens, causing food poisoning, asthma and / or diseases of the skin can occur. In the Netherlands, the transmission of disease via cockroaches is not centrally analyzed and recorded. Therefore it is not known exactly how often symptoms may be related to cockroaches.
What can you do to avoid inconvenience?Let Kakkerlakken always investigate first time in the shop Infestation Control. It is not easy to prevent cockroaches, a good hygiene in and around the kitchen reduces the risk of cockroaches. It is important that the cockroach will find no food and moisture. This can, for example, by storing food in the refrigerator or in sealable storage canisters, and to keep the temperature in the house as low as possible (less than 20 � C). To spread and prevent other areas, it can help increase the cracks and seams around central heating pipes, flooring and countertop where possible to fill with sealant. Please note that cockroaches can come including through second-hand furniture, bags and other luggage in your home.
If you experience any cockroaches (about 5 to 10), you can use a trap with pheromone (a chemical that works baiting). The trap contains no pesticides and can be used virtually anywhere. This allows you to go kill some cockroaches and any further spread.
What can Kakkerlakken Infestation Control?Our principle is that we get as many animals live and operate environmentally friendly. We will work with you to find the cause and help you tackle the nuisance in a structural manner. As we discuss sustainable measures to minimize nuisance in the future.
If you suspect that you suffer from Kakkerlakken, let examine a copy in the store of Infestation Control. We first conduct a neighborhood survey to determine whether residents have the same complaints. Treating your house alone and not also those of others namely does not give good results. Following this research we start treatment. We use gel, making cleaning out cupboards and the like is no longer required. Because cockroaches settle preferably in damp and dark places are especially kitchen, bathroom, toilet, baseboards and pipes treated.

If you have any Kakkerlakken inconvenience we advise you. This can be by telephone and / or in the store. These services are free of charge. There may indeed cost the order when you choose a home visit or a treatment by an animal pest manager (used to treat the cost of home visits on the total bill deducted). These costs will always be discussed with you. In some cases, the cost borne by the homeowner.