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Wireless temperature sensors for Healthcare logistics

Sometimes the most valuable cargoes in temperature-controlled logistics are not those in large containers. A single thermobox can contain life-saving medicine or blood donations. A failure of temperature control is simply unacceptable for such contents. In food transport, the consequences are not so extreme, but food committee is one of the biggest problems in today’s world, although it can be prevented with small simple measures.

A wireless temperature sensor as small as a matchbox can be used for any monitoring of transport temperature – the sensor fits into all thermoboxes and packages. These temperature monitoring sensors are available with manual or automatic start/stop function. In both variants, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud as soon as the transport is complete and the sensors come into contact with a gateway device.

Temperature monitoring becomes easy with wireless sensors sending precise temperature data directly to the cloud. There is no need to go through each sensor unit box by box when all the information is displayed in one place. This saves time and ensures the safety of the transported product.

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