This specialist offers you a perfect solution regarding industrial bakery equipment

Do you work in the bakery industry and is it time to replace your old industrial bakery equipment for new machines and products? Then you are probably looking for a reliable supplier of such equipment. After all, you want industrial bakery equipment that is better than the products you worked with before. In this case, a lot of companies in the industrial bakery industry trust the machines and service of Rademaker. Here you can find all types of industrial bakery equipment to complete your inventory. Are you curious what this specialist has to offer you? Then read on!

Find the perfect solution

Whether you need standardized industrial bakery machines or you would like a more personal solution to your situation; Rademaker can always live up to your expectations. Here you can find a wide arrange of products that guarantee you great and efficient machine performance. With their machines, you are able to maximize the capacity of your production. A type of machine that you can order here, is a dough shaping machine. You can use such a machine to shape dough products in numerous of varieties and use this type of industrial bakery equipment to fold, cut, mold, bend and roll your dough. Besides machines, you can find products that finish off your dough products in various kind of ways. For example, you can use their dispositor to fill dough products with sweet or savory stuff. Or use a sprinkler to sprinkle your dough product with little chocolate chips or anything alike.

Gain all the information you need from these experts

Are you interested in the products and service of this company, but would you like some more information before you make any decision? Feel free to contact the friendly experts of Rademaker. They are happy to tell you more about every possibility they have to offer you. You can find contact details on their website.

Use high-quality whey protein concentrates for your production process

Are you looking to buy high-quality whey protein concentrates for your production process? Then you want to find a manufacturer offering various products. Such a company is Interfood. This company has gained lots of experience and knowledge over the last 45 years. They offer their services to all kinds of suppliers and clients. These are active in many different industries. They offer whey protein concentrates that are suitable for production processes in many fields. Do you want to know how they can help you? They are able to offer you custom-made solutions!

What are the features of these whey protein concentrates?

This specialist is continuously looking for opportunities to grow and develop. They always use the latest technology and is able to offer you the best of the best. They keep evolving and introducing new solutions to their clients’ problems. This is one of the reasons that Interfood became a leading manufacturer of whey protein concentrates. These concentrates are popular because the proteins make up for almost 20% of the milk. They are considered to contain low levels of lactose. The taste however is very good. It has a creamy flavor. They also contain high levels of nutrition. These kind of whey protein concentrates are also used by people looking to improve muscle growth or to lose weight. Interfood offers many different dairy products with various compositions.

Concentrates developed with care

Their whey protein and other concentrates are always developed with care. They use only the best techniques and ingredients. Do you want to buy whey protein concentrates from a specialist? Then just get in touch with this company. They will help you to find a solution to your needs. If you have any questions regarding their services or products? Then just contact them and ask your questions. Their specialists will also advise you on your situation and needs.

6 Photo Booth Hire Benefits For Your Wedding

OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH SYDNEY –  With so many great Sydney weddings being planned, it’s no wonder that you’re finding photo booth hire in Sydney a convenient and affordable way to experience the best of Sydney. Most of us already have quite a few events coming up that year and we still want to make sure that we get our guests’ memories in mint condition. A photo booth is an excellent way to ensure that this is possible. Many photo booths in Sydney can be hired for small or large weddings. Here are some guidelines on what you should look for when hiring a photo booth.


One: Make sure that the photo booth is a high quality one that has plenty of memory foam. It also needs to be the right size for your wedding photo. If you’re having your photos taken at the back of a bus, for example, you will want a booth that is a little smaller, perhaps just big enough to fit the number of people inside. In order to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see their favorite images, make sure that the photo booth is movable.


Two: If you want a photo booth hire in Sydney for your big wedding, try to book well in advance.


This way you won’t have to stand in line waiting to get your photos taken. You can simply email the photo rental company to let them know where you are and when you’ll be there. They will then be able to pre-book your space. This saves everyone time and makes photo booth hire in Sydney easier on everyone. The more advance you book, the less likely you are to run into problems.


Three: You need to make sure that the printer you are using prints out photo papers in the appropriate format for your photos. Make sure the printer has a decent range of options for printing out your photos. In addition, you will want to make sure the paper is durable and will hold up against the rigors of taking and printing photos. Get a quality printer that you can trust to handle your images.


Four: Take plenty of pictures. It’s really the only way to capture all of the wonderful moments you and your guests have at your wedding. Ask each attendant to take a few pictures with you to document the entire day. At the end of the reception, you’ll have plenty of extra pictures to review and make memories from. Taking time to share those pictures with the people closest to you will help you create the perfect wedding memories.


Five: Have a clear and concise contract.

Your photo booth hire in Sydney agreement should outline exactly what the deal is and what needs to happen during the event. You want to make sure that everyone understands and is comfortable with the rules and process. The last thing you want to do is get pulled into a dispute after the wedding because you overlooked a provision in your agreement. A contract is the most effective way to make sure everything is handled well.


Six: Have fun! One of the best parts of any event is having fun. When people are having a great time, chances are they will want to tell others about it. That’s why a fun photo booth hire in Sydney makes so much sense.


As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a photo booth for your big day. If you’re planning an important event and aren’t sure whether it makes sense to invest in one, consider this. You’ll save money, you’ll have fun, and you’ll have some incredible photographs to share for years to come.

Book us today to take your event to the next level here!

Discover high-quality gangway systems that meet all your requirements

Are you interested in getting in touch with a professional that specializes in high-quality gangway systems? Gangway Solutions is a specialist that offers tailor-made solutions to various companies worldwide. The company has a lot of experience when it comes to designing, engineering, installation and commissioning of equipment for offshore, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. Thanks to their extended knowledge, experience and their tailored solutions, the company is the perfect partner to cooperate with.

Tailor-designed solutions for companies worldwide

Gangway Solutions always strives to meet the client’s requirements and will offer a tailored gangway for every situation. It doesn’t matter where your company or project is located: the professionals will deliver their high-quality systems and will offer their services to your location. Do you want to be ensured of an efficient and safe transfer of personnel and cargo to offshore installations? The gangway systems are built according to national, European (Cenelec/ATEX) and American (NEC / UL-codes/ATEX) standards. Because of this, safe access of passengers between the ship and shore is guaranteed. The gangway systems are designed to follow the movements of a ship or platform. Due to changing tides and chances in draft during loading and discharge, exiting the ship could be a challenge. That’s why a safety solution is needed.  

Discover the services of this professional

Every situation and every project is unique. Therefore, a tailored solution is required, always. Would you like to discover in which way the company can be of service to you? And would you like to gain some more information about the various solutions the company can offer? Do not hesitate, but get in touch with the professionals. They are happy to tell you all about their various services, provide you with valuable advice and eventually offer you a solution that is fully tailored to your project or company. You can get in touch by sending an e-mail or by calling.

This aircraft parts supplier delivers all around the world

GAPS AERO is an international company specializing in aircraft parts. This company is a supplier of aviation and aircraft parts. They have a wide range of parts so that you no longer have to search any further. By engaging this company, you save yourself time and money and you can focus on other important activities within your company. They have a lot of experience and work together with various partners all over the world. Are you looking for a specific part, but can’t find it yourself? Then they can engage their partners and ensure that you receive the part quickly.

Back in the air with the right parts

When you have parts of your aircraft that are broken, it is important that you replace it as soon as possible. You cannot fly if a part is broken and you need to make sure that everything is working properly. By ordering your aircraft parts from this supplier, you are assured of high quality. Whatever your part you need to get your aircraft back in the air, this specialist will take care of it. In addition to being an aircraft parts supplier, GAPS AERO can also help you repair and sell parts. They also offer several services that you can use, such as spare parts provisioning and base maintenance skills.

Buy high-quality spare parts

If you want to get back in the air as quickly as possible, ordering the right aircraft parts from a specialized supplier, such as GAPS AERO, is essential. You will receive your order quickly and you are sure that it is the part you are looking for. Are you looking for a specific part and would you like to know what the options are at this specialist? Then you can always contact one of their specialists for more information. You could also check their website for their services.

Magnet fishing magnets big catch

Jan Duurt Dijkman became known in 2020 because he fished up several explosives with magnet fishing magnets from ponds and canals in and around the city of Groningen. On Sunday, he was looking for old metal objects with magnetic fishermen friends, when one of them found a woman’s body under a bridge.

Helping the police

The gentlemen were shocked: “She was only about 1.65 and we thought she was about sixteen years old.” They decided not to pull the body up themselves, but to call the police. In the meantime, they made sure with their equipment that the body stayed in the same place, despite the strong current.

The police arrived after about fifteen minutes and called in a diving team. The divers could then make good use of the help from Dijkman and his friends: “They were only two men and asked if we would help with the recovery because the current was so strong.”

‘I turned around’

The officers secured themselves and went into the water. On top of the bridge, Jan and his friends held the body in place. In the meantime, the other officers sent all the curious people away so that work could be done discreetly. Dijkman: ,,They pulled the body under the bridge, where they lifted it onto a stretcher out of sight of the bystanders who had been sent away and carried it away.

When the police pulled the body out of the water, Dijkman turned his face and walked away. ,,I didn’t want to see her come out of the water. It was really all very intense. I can’t describe it. You don’t want to experience this and I can imagine how those officers feel, for their professionalism I have deep appreciation.”

Not working today

After all the commotion and misery Dijkman left for his girlfriend, who lives nearby in the Achterhoek. I couldn’t sleep right away, so I first had a few stiff drinks. By now I am feeling better, although I am still quite upset. That is why I did not work today, I still had to recover a bit from everything.”

Meanwhile, the police have been able to identify the woman’s body. It is a woman in her late thirties who lived in the neighborhood. According to the police, a crime has been ruled out.

The perfect breeding software program for every breeding company

Many horticulturists have been searching for advanced solutions to increase their crop yields and gain more insight into their processes. Luckily, Agro Business Solutions has developed a special breeding software program that provides organised, centralised, and easily accessible data in the form of a SaaS solution. In other words, the ABS breeding software program provides insightful information for horticulturists to increase their yields and make the most of their field crops, vegetables, and flowers.

What are the main advantages of this breeding software?

The breeding software program from Agro Business Solutions is one of the most advanced solutions in the field of horticulture. It is a multi-user application that can be safely accessed from different locations and even by different users at the same time. If you are researching easier management reporting manners, it is also possible to adjust user rights. In addition, the logical workflow of the breeding software program will automatically guide you through the process of breeding in an unprecedented, user-friendly manner. The smart and instantly available reports provide you with more information on chances for higher yields. This makes it even more accessible to trial and error with different kinds of field crops, vegetables, and flowers. This will boost your sales and administer to your trademarks and variety rights. Would you like to experience the possibilities of this breeding software program? Then you should request a demo!

Make use of their customisation possibilities of the software

Do you want to have the activities and results of your breeding company into one advanced program and user-friendly interface? Make sure to contact the experts of Agro Business Solutions to discuss the possibilities for your breeding company. They provide worldwide support and even the possibility to customise your own breeding software program. So, do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact these specialists by phoning them or send them an email.

Versla de Cocaïne

Mede door corona bevinden veel mensen zich op dit moment in extra stressvolle situaties. Allerlei opgelegde maatregelen, weinig sociale contacten en verplicht thuis blijven kan zorgen voor depressieve gevoelens. Onze weerstand wordt lager en sommige mensen grijpen dan naar middelen als heroïne of cocaïne om heel even te kunnen ontsnappen aan deze stress. “Heel even” zijn de juiste woorden want het effect van cocaïne houdt slechts een half uur aan. In dat half uur kan men zich zeer euforisch en energiek voelen en durft men alles aan. Daarna voelt men zich opnieuw neerslachtig en depressief en is het gevaar om nog meer te gebruiken duidelijk aanwezig. Wanneer men steeds meer cocaïne nodig heeft om hetzelfde effect te ervaren spreken we van een cocaïneverslaving.

De gevolgen van een cocaïneverslaving

Wanneer men te maken heeft met een cocaïneverslaving heeft dat diverse gevolgen voor die persoon zelf maar ook voor zijn of haar omgeving. Allereerst herkennen we de psychische gevolgen bij de persoon. Bij het snuiven van cocaïne lost dit op via het neusslijmvlies en komt zo in het bloed terecht. Doordat het effect maar kort aanhoudt is de verleiding om opnieuw te gebruiken groot. Na de uitwerking kan men zich angstig, onrustig of depressief voelen en in sommige gevallen leidt dit zelfs tot paniekaanvallen en psychoses. Aan deze psychische gevolgen zijn ook lichamelijke klachten gebonden. Doordat men steeds vaker cocaïne gebruikt raakt het lichaam gewend aan de stof en heeft men steeds meer nodig om toch nog het gewenste effect te ervaren. Daarnaast worden ook de ontwenningssymptomen tussen het gebruiken door steeds heftiger. Denk daarbij aan extreme vermoeidheid, hartkloppingen, menstruatieproblemen en slaapstoornissen. Het lichaam krijgt keer op keer enorme klappen te verwerken.

Sociale gevolgen

Helaas heeft cocaïnegebruik niet alleen gevolgen voor de gebruiker zelf maar ook voor zijn omgeving. Omdat de gebruiker steeds meer nodig heeft om zijn effect te kunnen behalen wordt het onderhouden van het gebruik steeds meer tot een dagtaak omgezet. De energie die dit opslokt kan niet meer worden gebruikt voor sociale contacten of werk. Dit leidt tot ruzies met collega’s en familie die zijn risicovolle gedrag niet meer tolereren. Door die ruzies voelt de verslaafde zich dan weer sneller depressief wat hem uitnodigt tot meer gebruik. Zo belandt men in een vicieuze cirkel waaruit niet gemakkelijk te ontsnappen is.

Met hulp en inzet kan het goedkomen

Allereerst vergt het heel veel moed van de betreffende persoon om toe te geven dat hij cocaïne verslaafd is. Het is echter een stap in de juiste richting wanneer er tijdig om hulp wordt gevraagd. Met eigen inzet en een zeer deskundige begeleiding door professionele coaches kan een cocaïneverslaving worden overwonnen. Dat zal echter met veel ups en downs gaan omdat de verslaafde een zeer labiel beeld heeft van zichzelf wanneer hij niet kan gebruiken. Opname in een verslavingskliniek kan noodzakelijk zijn omdat het niet verantwoord is om thuis te verblijven tijdens het afkicken. In de verslavingskliniek is 24/7 deskundige hulp aanwezig om verslaafden bij te staan in hun herstel.

A tailor-made blister packing machine for the medical industry

Are you working in the medical industry and in need of a new tool or machine? There are many new and existing concepts for medical products that GTE-engineering can provide you with. This company is a specialist in packaging solutions for the healthcare industry. They assembly and supply you with medical machines to meet your demands. Are you looking for a designer and creator of custom made machines, like a blister packing machine? They can help you out!

Worldwide service

GTE-engineering provides companies all over the world with a blister packing machine, that fits the needs of their company. The machines they make are placed worldwide at firms in the medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry. They are capable to fit a solution to the most challenging project you have. When you are in need of a tailor-made blister packing machine, they make sure it meets the safety regulations.

A safe machine according the safety regulations

GTE-engineering provides your company with specialized machines and tools for assembly and packaging, assuring the highest degree of quality and functionality. When you are in need of a packing machine, it is important the machine meets all legal and safety-related regulations. The professionals at this company have an extensive experience with all kinds of packaging solutions. Therefore they are perfectly able to develop safe machines for your company.

Discover what they can do for you

GTE’s customized machines will meet all your assembly and packaging needs. Are you looking for a designer and creator of custom made machines? They are more than happy to help you and to analyze your wishes and needs. Let them know what products you want to pack with a blister packing machine so they can find the perfect solution for it. Want to know more about the creation of the machines? Or about the company? Feel free to contact them.


Microdosing is taking very low doses of a certain psychedelic substance, such as LSD or magic mushrooms. Users do not microdose to create a high or to obtain visual hallucinations. The purpose of microdosing is in many cases to increase productivity and creativity in daily life, to reduce feelings of depression or to stimulate energy levels.

What is microdosing?

What is microdosing? In recent years there has been a growing interest in microdosing and today it is regularly published in newspapers, magazines and other media. All over the world – including many prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurs – people use small doses of psychedelics to increase their productivity. In microsoding, a low dose of a psychedelic substance is taken.

These dosages are low enough not to hallucinate, but high enough to take advantage of the potential benefits of these agents, such as improved focus and increased creativity. In addition, many microdosers treat their depression or anxiety with these low-dose LSD, mushrooms or other psychoactive agents.

A microdose is in many cases one-tenth of an active dose of psychedelic things. The number of microdosers – the name for a person who microdoses – has increased significantly in the 21st century.

The history of microdosing

One of the most notable events surrounding the therapeutic use of psychedelics came from Humphry Osmond, a leading psychiatrist known for inventing the word “psychedelic” and for his research into interesting and beneficial uses for psychedelics. During one of his studies, Osmond decided to administer small LSD to thousands of alcoholics. The treatment was part of an experimental regimen that guided Osmond from 1954 to 1960.

Osmond believed an LSD trip would mimic some of the symptoms of delirium tremens, a psychotic condition common in chronic alcoholics who stop drinking. He also believed that this trip would terrify the alcoholics, which would keep them from drinking. But the opposite was true. Instead of frightening the patients, the LSD trip appeared to be accompanied by a range of positive and long-lasting experiences. The experience seemed to help reorganize their personalities and put their lives in order.

However, the biggest boost in popularity around true microdosing came in 2011, when Dr. James Fadiman published his research and book “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys”. In this book, microdosing is explored as part of a large psychedelic subculture. And while multiple cultures are familiar with and have taken advantage of the benefits of microdosing, Dr. Fadiman was the first source to make the term microdosing known to the general public.

Another big boost in public awareness came four years later when Dr. Fadiman did a podcast interview with Tim Ferriss in March 2015. Tim Ferriss is a famous author best known for his book “The Four Hour Work Week”. Since the publication of that book, Ferriss has become a big name in the world of self-help, entrepreneurship, psychology and spirituality. The podcast talked extensively about the potential of microdosing; something that provided a major boost in the world of microdosing.
The effects of microdosing

In general, people microdose for two reasons: to stimulate desired effects and to reduce negative and unwanted effects. Several studies indicate that microdosing can be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of unwanted conditions, including:

    ADD / ADHD
    Mood disorders
    Sleep problems

See more on this topic on Microdose Pro website